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District 15 Royal STaC

New Experimental Bridge Event

Play in the District 15 Royal STaC – a special event just for face-to-face clubs!

February 21-27, 2022

Royal STaC Awards 25% gold 25% red 25% silver 25% black

Each district will have an opportunity to participate once, and ours will be the one of the first to pillage the ROYAL coffers.

The Royal STaC operates like a normal STaC, but you now have the opportunity for multi-color point awards. Results from all clubs will be combined for higher overall awards.

ALL face-to-face sessions at clubs in District 15 are eligible to be part of the Royal STaC. Check with your local club director to ensure that they are participating and what games they plan to run.

Director-in-Charge: Alex Bealles, District 15 (

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