The Atlanta NABC was very eventful. The Atlanta weather was pleasantly cool for a southern summer, the hotel and playing areas were well lit and easily accessible and the southern hospitality was enjoyed by all. There were many, many complaints about the 10:00 and 3:00 staring times for all major events. Players like to get out and see the sights and there just wasn’t any time to get away from the hotel and enjoy the City of Atlanta.


Donald Mamula resigned as President of the ACBL and Bill Cook, our neighbor from District 10, was elected to serve as President through December 31, 2013. Bill is a very fine gentleman and he will do a great job as President.


The four days of Board meetings resulted in several items of interest to our players in District 15 as well as items relating to bridge and governance of the ACBL.


Highlights of motions passed are:


New NABC+ Victory Point Scales for NABC+ Swiss teams or NABC+ events with a Swiss component were adopted.


Four new 0-10,000MP events were added to the NABC schedule. These are: a four-session Swiss; a 5-6 day KO (Mini Vanderbilt); a four-session Mixed Swiss Teams and a four-session Pairs event. All these events will award 10% Platinum points, subject to a 10 point maximum, for overall awards only. The winners of these events will not qualify for Grand Life Master status.


The masterpoint limit for Flight B in NAPs was raised to 2500 effective June 1, 2014.


The masterpoint limits for GNTs were changed as follows: Flight C: non-LM up to 500 MP; Flight B: 0-2500 MP; Flight A: 0-6,000 MP; Championship Flight: 0-unlimited. Effective September 1, 2013.


I/N Regionals were expanded. Each District is allocated the following tournaments annually:


  1. One Junior Regional
  2. One Youth Regional
  3. One 0-199 Regional, or one 0-299er Regional with an upper limit of 500 MPs, or One Non-Life Master Regional with an upper limit of 750


In addition, a Non-Life Master Regional with an upper limit of 750 MPs shall award 10% gold for overall awards and section tops in the top bracket, flight or strata of two-session or longer events. All other masterpoint awards will be red points.


The rules regarding Units running Sectionals were changed to allow Limited/Junior Sectionals that must be at least one day and no more than five days in duration. A Unit may not schedule more than three I/N Sectionals in any calendar year. Regular Sectionals must be a least two days and no more than five days in duration.