DISCLAIMERS: Manufacturer warranties may apply on items in which the manufacturer supplies a warranty provided it has not lapsed due to time or other limitations provided in the warranty (if any) included with the item. Can I return an item within 30 days of purchase? Please remember that the purpose of this auction is to support the costs incurred by District 15 to support the cost of sponsoring the spring 2017 ACBL NABC in Kansas City, MO. Items purchased through the District 15 Auction should be at least in the condition described in the auction listing or better. If the winning bidder feels that the item is not in the condition given please send an email to Marti Malcolm at auctions@district15.org. The person donating the item will be contacted and the necessary arraignments will be made to resolve the problem. This resolution may, include, if needed, a full refund of the purchase price and shipping cost, after the item is returned in the same condition. While District 15 will make every effort to assist in resolving the problem we assume no liability beyond the amount of money received from the bidder. If the shipping cost was donated, cost to return the item is not included. District 15 is not responsible for errors due to the bidder providing incorrect shipping information.

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