District 15

District 15  serves Southwestern Missouri,Kansas,Oklahoma,Western Arkansas,and Northern Texas.  It is comprised of  the following 8 units.

101-Southwest Missouri131-Kansas City
132-Kansas State158-Tulsa
167-Sooner210-Top of Texas
234-Northeast Kansas247-Western Arkansas

2014 District 15 GNT Finals

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The 2014 District-15 Grand National Teams finals were held in Wichita,May 24-25. Now the winners are off to Las Vegas to compete in the National GNT Finals in July. Each year,players from across the country earn an entry into the National event through the ACBL’s Grass-Roots competitions. The qualification begins at the Club level and it can be held from September through March. All clubs may schedule a GNT qualifying Swiss Team game. The second level is the Unit Qualifying game. The qualifying players at the Unit level then move on to the District level qualifier. This year eleven teams entered the District GNT event. In Flight C,there were three teams. Flight B had seven teams. The Championship Flight (over 6,000 MP’s) had only one entry,while Flight A was not represented.The top team in each of four Flights will qualify for the National GNT.

Our qualifying teams are:
Championship Flt:Ron Ashbacher,Jane McKinney,Jon Nance and Richard Bender
Flight B –Krishna Saha,S. Sathiamoorthy,Steven Day and John Hickey
Flight C – Robert Tung,Hong Chen,Samuel Lane and Peter Schaff.

For the Flight B winners,this is a repeat victory for them. They represented District 15 in the 2013 National GNT and surprised the competition by defeating the number one seed in the opening round. The team went on to the final eight teams and finished in a tie for 5th place. For more information about the Grand National Teams,see the Conditions of Contest on our District web site (www.acbl15.org),talk with your Unit GNT Coordinator or with your Club Manager.
Pictured below are our District Flight B and Flight C winners.